Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An introduction into the phenomenology of the Other Novi Sad scene of the 1980s – a talk with Zoran Pantelić

On Friday 13th of June 2014, we are discussing the origins, social context and alternative music practices of the Other Novi Sad scene of the 1980s with Zoran Pantelić. The Other Novi Sad scene of the 1980s was a unique front of self-organized artists in Novi Sad which operated entirely within the private sphere – usually houses and apartments of its protagonists. Having witnessed firsthand the Other Novi Sad scene from its onset and participated in its numerous formations (Naučnici, Dr. Zsivago Dark Stars, Pre i posle tišine, Abacus, Testa di Shakespeare, etc), Zoran Pantelić is a key informant on this niche of Novosadian sub-underground. For more information about the Other Novi Sad scene read here.

speaker: Zoran Pantelić
talk moderation: hogon
language: Serbian

date & time: 13.06.2014 / 7pm
place: Centar za kulturnu dekontaminaciju, Birčaninova 21, Belgrade

The event will be recorded and subtitled for the A hogon's industrial guide archive.

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