Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And meanwhile..

Here are the promised Marzidovsek tapes, carefully collected from all four corners of the globe:

Mario Marzidovsek - (1984) I [mc,Marzidovshek Minimal Laboratorium,320kbs] - HERE [thanks to anonymous hero pop3 from Osijek,Croatia]

Mario Marzidovsek - (1985) II [mc,Marzidovhsek Minimal Laboratorium,320kbs] - HERE [pop3]

Mario Marzidovsek - (1985) 3 - Reincarnation Tetralogy (Dedicated to Klaus Schulze) [mc,MML,320kbs] - HERE [originally published by noisepress blog, should be Swiss if my memory serves me well]

Mario Marzidovsek - (1985) 4 - Reincarnation Tetralogy (Dedicated to Klaus Schulze) [mc,MML,320kbs] - HERE [again pop3]


Mario Marzidovsek - (1985) Brutal-Minimal [mc,Marzidovshek Minimal Laboratorium,128kbs rip] - HERE [thanks to Atrax Morgue,Venezuela]

[take notice : the picture doesn't portray the city Maribor in Slovenia or 'Marburg am Drau' as Germans call it, but probably a german town called Marburg!]

Mario Marzidovsek - (1986) Marburg [mc,?,256kbs] - HERE [kindly donated from an excellent Slovak blog - Dualtrack]

[thank you, mr. De Waard for filling us in with the cover]

Mario Marzidovsek - (1987) Live On The Air - Nijmegen 17.09.1987 [mc,Art & Noise Editions,128kbs rip thanks to Atrax Morgue,Venezuela] - HERE

Merzdow Shek - (1987) Suicide In America & Bavarian Aquarels [mc,Staalplaat,256kbs rip] - HERE

+ bonus:
                   Various Artists - (1985) Steyer [mc,Marzidovshek Minimal Laboratorium,256kbs rip] - HERE [pop3]

Also i owe a big thanks to Gramofonije Plocanovic for the info and huge one to Rajko Muršič for the precious article. Needless to say, if somebody would like to contribute with more Marzidovsek or MML tapes - I'd be more than happy to put them on my blog.