Sunday, October 23, 2016

Operating with Yugoslav 1980s cassette experimentalism memory


Operating with Yugoslav 1980s cassette experimentalism memory presentation and listening session with Nenad Vujić @ OUR Accompanyings festival

Nenad Vujić is an experimental music aficionado from Belgrade who delves into the niches of the 1980s Yugoslav DIY cassette underground and strives to provide a map of its many miniscule subscenes (includes experimental, electronic, industrial, improvisation music from the 1980s). The web site A hogon’s industrial guide strives to provide a map for art historians, pop culture archaeologists and musicologists that lays out the main features and the topology of the cassette experimentalist terrain in 1980s Yugoslavia. More recently, the platform have expanded its scope to other Eastern European regional productions, with a forthcoming release of Hungarian 1980s cassette experimentalist retrospective LP compilation and accompanying research text.

This presentation will strive to provide a short introduction into the activities of A hogon’s industrial guide and give an overview of all the technological circumstances of Nenad's research through a sort of a bildungsroman which affected the epistemology as well as the choice of the research interface. 

The presentation will be held on English.

Thursday, 27th October 2016 at 21:45
Venue: Youth Center CK13, Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad
Organization of the event:
Festival in Opposition – Art and Politics of Improvisation
OUR 'Accompanyings' 26 - 29th October 2016

See the full festival schedule at and as a PDF.