Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Abbildungen Variete - (1983) Abbildungen Varieté [mc,Galerija ŠKUC]

Abbildungen Varieté is the second most important name in Yugoslav/Slovenian oldschool industrial scene of the 1980s besides Laibach. They hailed from Slovenia's second largest city Maribor in the northeastern-most part of Slovenia, then one of the biggest Yugoslav heavy industry centres. Unfortunately, little is known about Abbildungen Varieté. We know that it that existed in the period between 1982-1987, that it was close to the Neue Slowenische Kunst (German for "New Slovenian Art") movement and that its members were Marko Ornik, Igor Zupe, Goran Majcen, Leonard Rubins and Branko Mirt. Besides the eponymous cassette release Abbildungen Varieté (Galerija ŠKUC Izdaja-Ljubljana, 1983) cassette-release, the 84 (ZKP RTVL-Ljubljana, 1984) LP compilation contribution with the track Ishodišče subjekta and a couple of cassette-demo recordings - there were no other recordings of Abbildungen Varieté. The Abbildungen Varieté release came out in November of 1983 in an edition of 230 copies and for the most part is a live-recording with a couple of studio tracks thrown in.

When compared to the rest of industrial scene back then, Abbildungen Varieté was a rare bird and defining them is certainly not an easy task. They had a strong smack of ritual-music, which is also present with Laibach and Strukturne Ptice as an inkling and played a vital role in early Autopsia. So the pool of bands we could draw parallels to would be from that milieu: Last Few Days, Ain Soph, maybe even Het Zweet. Sound-wise it's quite diverse: a bit of sinister tribal drumming with frantic clamor, a bit of solemn ceremonial chanting and a bit of ominous funeral dirges for the banishing of the Dead. Rip encoded in 320kbs by pop3.

Download it HERE.


Capa Nostra said...

Very rare stuff, it seems your blog is going to be a great one, Keep on!

Greetings from Chile,


Anonymous said...

Zamolio bih da navedete kada koristite moje ripove i moje clanke. Izvorne lokacije sa informacijama i potpunije omote mozete pronaci ovde:


pozdrav Piko

hogon said...

Hello Piko,

As of two my posts here (Abbildungen Variete and PP Nikt) you made claims for original publishing of tapes, they were, in fact, originally ripped and published by a guy nicknamed pop3 on the Svi Mars Na Ples webforum, approximately a month earlier after you re-posted them on the link given. The third tape (by King Nothing) I downloaded of a FTP music server without any information attached to it, so I didn't credit anyone. If you would confirm to me that it was in fact you who originally ripped and published it (as opposed to merely reposting), I would certainly credit you.

Wherever it is possible to credit the original sources of a tape-rip or the person who ripped it - I do that. Unfortunately, due to the decentralized and often chaotic nature of the Internet, in most cases I am not able to do that with an absolute precision. Instead, I do the next best thing and go on crediting whomever I have the best reasons to think - at the moment given - that the credit is due.

So if anyone got unrightfully (un)credited, I encourage you to step up and say so.

Best, Hogon

a.m. said...

Excellent, many thanks for posting this rare document.

ORMUS said...

Hello, looks like either the link is gone or Rapidshare is being a bastard, which would not be unusual. Also, some Strukturne Ptice would be great if you have it.

ORMUS said...

I should also say, thank you for introducing me to these bands; this type of old industrial is one of my favorite styles of music, it seems like there was a lot of good stuff in x Yugoslavia back then...

Graf Haufen said...

Great blog! I found it by change as I was looking for Mario Marzidovsek. I was in touch with him in the early / mid 1980s. I distributed and published him in Germany, as listed in your marvelous essay on him.
(I could provide you with a digital copy of THEE BOOK if you like).

Is there a change to re-upp this ABBILDUNGEN VERIETÉ tape? Thanks!!!

ORMUS said...

I just found it here!


hogon said...

hey ORMUS, thanks for administering this page instead of me. fixed the broken links.