Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hometaping in Self-Management update 1.0

Just two quick notices:

1) You can finally order the LP at SpinVinyl (Ljubljana) and you can hear some mp3 samples on the Subkulturni Azil website.
2) Two remaining Hometaping in Self-Management promotions are due this week in Croatia and Serbia, respectfully:

03. 02. 2011 / Students' Centre Zagreb, Savska cesta 25, Zagreb
04. 02. 2011 / Museum of The 25th May, Botićeva 6, Belgrade

Both promotions start at 13:00 sharp.

See you there.


koneyn said...

Vidimo se Vujke, ali tek na "druženju sa učesnicima", jer nema šanse pre tri i kusur da stignem :/

Ajd' sa srećom, jedva čekam :)

artelier.mécano said...


all the best

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nenad. I got my copy from Spin Vinyl earlier this week. Congratulations. The Hometaping in Self-Management LP is a wonderful project. Great sound quality, well-researched liner notes and nice artwork combine for a fantastic experience of Yugo-time travel. Can't wait for vol.2!